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Out of the Office (October 2nd-10th)

A little about me, I love to travel. My husband and I both enjoy exploring what this world has to offer.

Caribbean Ocean

While, I love to be somewhere in the Caribbean, we have not gotten the chance to travel outside the USA since March of 2020.

So, we have been traveling throughout the beauty within the USA these past few years. And we have been doing it in style. By #motorcycles.

We love the Smokey Mountains and escape there when we can. For example, this is us most recently in 2022, completing the Dragon Tail again in the Smokey's. The 318, Ninety degree turns for a total of 11 miles isn't for the faint of heart.

Dragon Tail T-Shirt

When we travel, we average about 300 miles a day as we stop to take in the sights and enjoy the scenery and curves of the back road.

Yes, your Marketing Strategist is a biker! #Stilletosonsteel.

Next Week, we hit the road again. This time, we both have different bikes.

Now, I will still be working, while out of the office. I have learned to ride during daylight, park and then work until it is time for bed, then get up and repeat. I just work less hours.

So while I will be in #vacationmode, I will be working. Being Self employed, I learned years ago to set boundaries and expectations for myself. I still goal set every month and every quarter as I preach to everyone, and I reward myself for achieving those goals. With vacations and ice cream!

Ice Cream

My hope is that you as a business owner learn this balance as well and take advantage of what life has to offer. We never know when our last breath is, so live life to the fullest!


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