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When is the last time you sent out a monthly newsletter?

Keeping up with your inbox can be daunting. Between the advertisements, emails, calendar, oh and don't forget your email marketing campaigns. It's a lot to balance.

Are you already sending newsletters? Are they monthly, or more often? Are you tracking the open rate of your emails?

Here at WINN in Business, we track our open rate and how long they stay engaged in the newsletter as well. We also have those fancy click buttons, ya know, those call to actions within the email. Otherwise, what is the purpose of the email in the first place.

So let's recap this: A newsletter should consist of

* Content that educates your reader, and shows you know what you are talking about. Such as statistics, analytics, or reviews.

* Pictures or videos to recap the email and offer a different viewing option

* Call to Action: What are you looking to get out of this time you spend creating? Pass on information? Sell something? Set up a consultation?

* Sending too often can get you spammed, blacklisted, etc. Be cautious of frequency.

Still need help?

We get it. Whether you need help with marketing or an extra set of hands sending it out, we're here to help.

Click below to schedule a FREE Marketing Analysis

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