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SEO is Like A Grandfather Clock

I tell people all the time that a website is like a storefront: Just because you have one, doesn't mean people will come to it. There are many more components to it.

Just like a storefront has to encourage people to leave their homes and drive to the store, a website has to encourage people through other media channels to no only visit the site, but also encourage people to buy by creating a sense of urgency and opportunity.

For a website to be "found online" the website has to be published, connected to search consoles and then the item or topic must be sought after by the consumer. Which means, it has been typed into a search console such as safari, Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. When it is searched items or topics are brought up, and in a perfect world, they are connected to your site, which then, leads them to you.

It is at that time that we need to have a strong call to action and really good content on the website.

So, what if your topic/ products aren't sought after often?

This is where social media marketing, blogs, you tube channels, and even a more active Google Business page come in extremely handy.

Organic Reach

Imagine your online presence like the inside of the Grandfather clock. A small to medium grandfather clock has 4 spinning wheels. The larger the Grandfather clock, the more wheels.

When using this analogy, each wheel represents an online presence.

The large wheel= is your website

The medium wheel is your Google Business page

The two or more small wheels are your social media presence.

When you are present on your channels (wheels in this scenario), it directs people to your products/content. And when I say present, I mean posting on each at least once a week. And what you are posting makes a world of difference too, but that is another topic.

If one wheel stops moving, they all stop moving, so the goal is to keep the clock ticking.

Paid Advertising

The other way to gain traffic/sales online is through paid advertising. whether that is through Facebook, Instagram, or Google. This will guarantee that anyone searching for your products/services will see you at the top of the page, usually with the word "Ad" or "Sponsored" This is highly effective, and can be as little as $50 a month and up depending on what you want to pay for.

Here at WINN In Business, we do all the above.

We manage websites for as little as $65 a month, to maintain search console connections (as they do disconnect frequently), manage and maintain the meta/beta descriptions as well as key phrases and coding monthly.

We also offer email marketing, social media marketing and google marketing, paid advertising, as well as blog postings with the Do It All Plan.

So are you ready to take advantage of someone doing the work for you?

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