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SEO = Good Solid Content

So many times I get called requesting help with SEO on websites. Most of the time it is because the robots have picked apart the site due to content...or lack of.

In the theme of the Golden Girls, "Picture this", it's 1985 and everyone who works for Google, Yahoo, Bing, is getting a list of new websites that are up and working. These men and women are now going through the lists and making sure that the websites are performing accurately and the information is valid. Heck, a business may have even gotten a phone call stating improvements or changes needed.

Fast forward to 2023, when hundreds of thousands are published daily and now we have robots checking them! I think we can all agree that people are preferred. Anyway, these robots, well, they are programmed. They are looking for specifics errors. They can't read between the lines, and they certainly cannot understand my sense of humor and personality, which I hope comes across in my blog posts.

So I have decided over the course of the next few weeks, I will provide you FREE TIPS on how to create good Solid Content for your site.

Here is tip #1

Define Your Purpose

What is your purpose?

What is your end goal?

  • Is the website intended to sell a product or a service?

  • Is it focused on building traffic?

  • Is it aimed at attracting new clients and generating leads?

  • Is the main objective to attract subscribers or build a community?

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