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School is never out!

We are always learning, therefore, we need to be open to new concepts of learning, staying up to date with the ever changing times. Learning new software, programs, marketing, accounting, etc. In 1994, I began my business with a notebook, pen and a large Yellow phone book, that doubled as booster seat in my car. #shortgirlproblems

I went door to door, "dialed for dollars", and sat one -on- one with people for 1-2 hours turning them into clients. Over the cours of 28 years this December, alot has changed. I no longer need the booster seat with the height adjustment technology in vehicles. (Thank Goodness, cause that was uncomfortable). I have built a beautiful referral program and am blessed with wonderful clients. I still "dial for dollars", but I will say most of my phone work is follow up with current clients or incredibly warm leads.

So what's changed? Technology. Technology has afforded me more time with my family. Months and weeks of pounding the pavement. Countless hours a day crossing my fingers that someone would "buy" something so I could pay rent.

Technology has also brought social media which is a love hate relationship, however, it has provided me and many other entrepreneurs the voice of social selling.. and mostly free!

While, I have never had my name on a giant billboard, my company maybe, but not me, this has afforded me such a voice to be heard globally. And if you are not here yet.. social selling is where it's at. If you are genuine and are looking to build your business portfolio with people that are like-minded, and you enjoy doing life with, social media selling will just come naturally. It is all about having a "To DO" list if you will. Just switch your Mantra of sharing what you ate for dinner to what you are up to at work and how you are different from your competition in 12 different ways on your professional accounts.

Software programs, Apps, and calendars are another way technology has changed. I mean, 2 years ago if you would have said I would not have an Erin Condren planner in 2022, I would have thought that meant I would have died by then! I loved my planner! The stickers, the organization, the sense of writting crap down and crossing it off... (sigh) how satisfying!

Don't get me wrong, I still make my to-do list daily, it is just a journal now.

But if we are not open to learning these new technologies, how on earth can we keep up with our competition? And even more so, as we age, ( No Old Shots accepted in the comment section) how can we guraentee our clients won't go to new school becuase they are younger than us? I know, you may have been a client of mine and are saying, "But Becky, that's not my ideal client"

(nodding my head). Ok, then, if your idea client is still pushing pens, notebooks, and sitting on a Yellow book in her car, you better get a new angel to appeal to a younger audience, or you will soon be out of business!

We are always learning. New angles, new software, new technology, new ways to appeal to younger audiences, etc. And if we are not learning, we are stagnant. Stale as the crackers I found in my pantry the teenager did not close up yesterday.

Do it for your family. I am at the age where I take care of my parents. Technology has allowed me to share My Chart information with my parents, so I can keep up with their Doctor appointments when I am not able to be there. Get things shipped to their door when the roads are too icy to leave the house for safety issues. Heck, even the dreaded Zoom meetings that we are now all accustomed to was and is still a blessing since 2020. Now, when we are out of town, we can still our loved ones and they can still see us. Giving us all a sense of connections.

But, the downfall to this is trying to teach my parents how to use the technology. The first hurdle, and correct me if I am wrong, is getting them to agree to use it in the first place! Once you get past that hurdle, then you can move on to the exhausting one- on - one training. Pro-Tip: Write it down step by step! File it in a safe place, with all the passwords as well! (Insert another face palm here) When we are more open to technology, we will be less of a burden on the next generation as well.

Prevent demensia by learning new tasks. Why take up crochet at 60? Learn a new technology instead! Ok, do both, it will be better for your hand and eye coordination.

School is never out. We are always learning. And I truly believe we will always be learning until the day we leave this earth, when the Father calls us home. Open your mind to new things.

Ask for opinions. Technology is like a refrigerator. Many brands and options to choose from. Find the one you like best by references and then by using them for a while. Unlike the refrigerator, software programs are able to be deleted/canceled. You're not stuck. Well, only if you don't begin.

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