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It's Been a Minute

I know, I know, practice what you preach, right?

As many of you know, I have stated that blog posting does help your search engines. And bonus points for you that share your blog post on your social media sites as well!

This summer, I kinda fell off the wagon. As many of you know, we spend our summers in the midwest and love being surrounded by friends and family.

Yet, this year, when we arrived, we were unfortunate enough to arrive and a week later lose our dear donkey (which is like a giant dog to us) George. He came down with severe colic and what I did not know is how tough donkeys are ... and they don't show symptoms until it's too late.

We tried everything to save him but unfortunately, all we were able to provide was hugs and comfort for his last days.

Now, donkeys don't do well on their own, which turned our "down time" into searching high & low in a tri-state area for new friend for Henry. You see, donkeys will not sleep and will stress until they have a new mate once their best friend is gone. So we had a time crunch...a.k.a desperation .

After 26 days, we found one! While they both like each other, Henry is still not himself. He is still grieving the loss of his Best Friend. In time, they will warm up to each other, but that is just it.. It takes time.

I know, I know, this sounds like an excuse coming from the SEO expert, right?

My clients come first. I wanted to make sure that everyone had what they needed for their business,l which means, mine comes last.

Then, the all mighty G4 integration started to really ramp up and deadlines for migrating over everyone's site (who requested help) was ramping up the overtime in June to hit that July 1st deadline!

So, all in all, back on track and ready to blog again!

And to make it up to ya'll, here is a picture of our pen cuteness!

Meet Henry and Smarty

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