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Do you goal set monthly or just December 31st?

I did a dumb thing this year. I set a goal and.. well, I am a totally driven creature. I set the goal, when after it and did it by the goal deadline I set for myself. But what I did next was something I have preached NOT to do for 28 years!

I forgot to set another goal immediately! That is when I wondered aimlessly for months! It wasn't until almost 3 months later, when I met with my coach (cause a good coach always has a coach/accountability partner) that he pointed out why I wasn't happy is because I was wondering in the dessert without a GPS & water!

He was right. How can you go anywhere without a destination little known a road map! ESSENTIAL!

So I got my act together, set my goals and have them in front of me, visually every day.

I went back into the habit of restating my powerful statements every day and the results are in!

for taking 3 months off, I am 40% away from my goal.

Now, I don't say that to boast. I say that to remind you to SET A GOAL!

Don't get stuck in the dessert wondering around without a GPS!

And if you need an accountability Coach, I'm just a phone call/text away.

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