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Yep, It is a learning curve. So, if you have not heard, Google SEO has changed... again... And this time, well, it is a little more difficult for website owners.

You have a website you are in love with. You have put your best foot forward. You have it connected to all your social media pages, google search engines, etc. AND THEN>>>> BOTS, BOTS, BOTS.... EVERYBODY... Now, the Google Business Pages are GONE! and all the verification is done through ROBOTS?

Yep, I had a tempertantrum too when they removed Google Business Pages. But it did not help bring them back.

Now, more than ever, we need to make sure not only are websites are staying up to date, but the SEO is up to date and our websites don't appear to be "CLOSED".

So, how can you do that? Here at WINN, we have 6 tips you can use RIGHT NOW, to increase your SEO. Wanna know how? Call or Text us! 608-535-WINN

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