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An Update and with an Assignment

I know, "Becky, practice what you preach!" I have been MIA all summer. And my algorithms say so.

I have had my busiest quarter in history this summer. Our team is so grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients. That being said, I realize I have let my tips and tricks provided in this blog go to the wayside. For that, I apologize.

Now that it's the Middle of September and we are in our final Quarter of the year, I am ready to to crush this quarter AND provide those tips, so here goes.

When is the last time you changed your content on your website?

Content should be changed up every quarter. This can be from new products/services to a new design or features that not only attract the SEO robots to dive on in, but also show new something new to your clients!

Times are always changing, and we need to keep up for our clients as well as to stay relevant.

So here is the assignment :

Take a look at your website? Here are the 5 things to ask yourself:

  1. Is it fun/ entertaining?

  2. Does it contain photos and videos?

  3. Is the front legible and does it match your personality or the business persona?

  4. Is the contact information provided in the footer of the website?

  5. Does each page have at least a paragraph of information describing what is on that page and also describing the business?

If you answered No to at least one of these questions, it is time to reach out to us and for help!

Let's get your website working for you!

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