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I actually like educating clients on SEO

Educating Clients

Yesterday, I received a call that went something like this:

"Should the SEO remain stagnant over time or change? Should the wording of the SEO be embedded into the website? Do you also help to create the wording people see before they click on the website (in a scroll)?"

To which my reply was: "These are great questions and I love educating people on SEO! 

SEO is per page as well as for the full website. SEO changes with website host updates (such as Wix, Go Daddy, etc) as well as search engine updates, (Google, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft, etc)  and with trends, just like clothing. Therefore, a one time fix is vital, but I do recommend monthly maintenance. 

Meta Descriptions are what you see in a scroll when looking for a website or even keywords and terms searched on the internet.  And yes, meta descriptions are included in the SEO price quote I gave you.  :) 

Extra Credit.

To be found at the top of listed searches, well now, has gotten the "it's complicated" status

You either have to pay for Google Advertising or .. have a very good organic reach.  Organic reach operates like the inside of a grandfather clock:  

The Big wheel being your website, the medium wheel being your Google Business Page and the small wheels are based on the size of your clock, or in this case the amount of social media platforms you are on.  It is all about being present!  

This means, present on your website (blogging works wonders), present on your Google Business page and social media.

We offer basic website maintenance as well as paid and organic reach maintenance. 

I hope this helps explain a bit about SEO."

Our goal is to empower business owners and equip you with as much knowledge needed to make decisions that reflect a powerful positive return on your investment.

Keeping true to our brand of working with small biz owners, we like to keep our cost down, which helps you keep more of your profits and your brain space, allowing you to focus on those income producing activities and allowing us to manage your website needs.

You stick to what you are good at, and we will too!

Visit our website to see maintenance plans now

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