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Workshops/Group Coaching

Becky conducting a workshop

Looking for a conference speaker?


Are you a leader that needs your group to hear it from someone else? Perhaps a professional Business Strategist is just what you need.


Choose from an existing workshop and Becky to get started today! 

As low as $15 a person

Time Management 

Do you ever have days where you struggle to get out of bed? Do you have so many tasks on your "To Do" list that you don't even have an idea about where to begin? Do you find that your business isn't growing nearly as fast as you anticipated?
Join us during this 6 week series where we focus on what needs to be done on a daily basis to move your business forward!
Each week, you will be given tasks and accountability. By doing these tasks consistently in your business you will find balancing the many hats you wear to be successful and much more enjoyable!

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